About Me

I was born and raised in Miami, got through High School, then spent 13 years between South Florida and Gainesville, earning a BA in Psychology and an MFA in Acting and Directing at the University of Florida.  I reluctantly left G'ville and settled in Hollywood, FL and have been here the past 30 years or so. I spent the last part of the 20th century acting and directing in most of the area's theatres and did some TV, film and commercial work. In the 1990's, I oozed into teaching acting; at Barry University and other non academic venues. Before I knew it, it had become pretty much a full time thing. Time passed, the century turned and found myself as the founder and Executive Director of The Acting School of South Florida.  13 wonderful years. Though the school closed in 2016, it valiantly served it's purpose.; helping people to become actors, become better actors and others who we helped discover were not actors. That time of my life was incredibly rewarding. I met and worked with some exceptional people. It was a noble venture I consider a success. 

Since moving on from the school I am rediscovering "the actor". Brushing off the rust of almost 20 years and have found my way back to the stage. I have been fortunate and am grateful to have participated in several remarkable projects these past few years. Still some rust, or maybe now it's just dust, but I'm always learning and am looking forward to many more opportunities. It's different now, more fun. I breathe now. I want to collaborate, contribute, in a relevant way. Time/age has provided trust worthy instincts. I am faithful to them. I celebrate change. I don't particularly like it, but I celebrate it. Eventually. The secret to a happy life is adaptation. Well it's not really a secret, been going on for millennia. I believe that there are no such things as sacrifice, surrender or loss. One is simply adapting to new circumstances. Just adapt and call it a day.

My hobbies include thinking about maybe getting a new hobby, watching sports and old TV shows, and reading. I also enjoy giving advice when asked, dropping golden nuggets of wisdom, though often ignored. That's okay though. Everyone has their own journey, their own path. things to learn and discover along their way; adapting to their own view of the world.


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